About HSI

Strengthening Student Access and Success

The “Hispanic-serving Institution” designation is granted to universities by the U.S. Department of Education and requires that a minimum of 25% of an institution’s full-time undergraduate students identify as Latinx. Currently, approximately 21% of UCLA undergraduates are Latinx.

Achieving federal recognition as an HSI will make UCLA eligible for a range of federal grants that would bolster existing educational programs, research training and academic attainment for Latinx, low-income and other underrepresented students.

In December 2020, Chancellor Gene Block announced the goal of UCLA becoming an HSI by 2025. As a public university, UCLA has a responsibility to ensure that our institution reflects the diversity of California and welcomes members of our Latinx communities, honors their intellectual and cultural contributions, and empowers them to flourish both at UCLA and well past graduation.

In order to help us reach our goal, UCLA is taking bold, definitive steps toward advancing equity and inclusion to become a place where all students thrive.

Task Force

Our Hispanic-serving Institution Task Force has worked to produce an evidence-based report with key recommendations for how UCLA can reach and maintain HSI status, including directing efforts and resources toward improving admission, yield and retention rates for Latinx students and making UCLA a more affordable option for Latinx individuals and those from low-income backgrounds. In the next several years, we will partner with units across campus to help us achieve this goal.